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Choosing Your Race
The race you choose to play is important in Age of Chaos. Decide on what style of play you like and take your time choosing. If you're still not sure the forum has a lot of advice and experienced players who can help you and advise. These are the descriptions for the Normal Game:
Strong bonus causes a base skill of 7 +20% skill gain, +20% bonus from buildings
Bonus causes base skill of 6 +10% skill gain, +10% bonus from buildings
Penalty causes base skill of 4 -10% skill gain, -10% bonus from buildings
Military Units Attributes: X/Y/Z = Swords / Shields / Health
* = a unique race elemental

Elves are tall, slender and beautiful. They have a deep love for all that is natural and they are happiest in woodland. They find the mystical arts quite easy to master, and are renowned throughout the lands of Gildor for their lavish entertainment and high celebration. They are naturally peaceful, but will fight hard for what is they consider to be rightfully theirs.

Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Woodsmen, Entertainers Bonus: Farmers, Weavers, Wizards Penalty: Miners, Quarrymen

Unique bonuses: Merriment Research increases Morale by up to 6% (from Pool of Moonlight)

Elementals: *Moonlight (ground) 0/8/12 Earth (ground) 1/6/20 Air (flying) 3/3/10 Fire (ground) 7/2/8 Water (naval) 4/4/10

Race buildings: Magic Elm Grove Requires: Mage Tower, Archery Range +7.5% Morale +15% Woodsmen +10% Weavers +30% Entertainers +20% Morale ( One turn )

Pool of Moonlight Requires Magic Elm Grove +10% Wizards +15% Elementalists +10% Shamen +10% runists +10% Weavers +50% Entertainers +25% Morale ( One turn )

Additional building bonuses: Logger's Hut: 1.5 Morale, 25% Entertainers Sawmill: 2.5 Morale, 50% Entertainers

Unique units: Longbowmen (ground) 7/8/11 — Archery Range Roc (flying) 55/60/100 — Magic Stables Leviathan (naval) 100/0/100 — Magic Shipyard

Humans are the friendliest race, always venturing out to make alliances and trade deals. They have the best merchants in the land, and their love of movement makes it easy for their cunning thieves to hide their activities, although the guilds don't approve. While their magical abilities are limited, their universities are shining beacons of scholarship and their teachers are the best.

Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Scholars Bonus: Merchants, Thieves, Teachers Penalty: Wizards, Runists

Unique bonuses: Can build both the Merchant's and Thieves Guilds (other races can only build one or the other).

Elementals: *Knowledge (flying) 3/3/10 *Unity (ground) 0/4/10 — sends double shields when defending an ally.

Race buildings: Embassy Requires: Assassin's Shelter +2% Stealth per turn +5% Morale

Bazaar Requires: Merchant's guild, Engineering School +15% Merchants +5% Morale

Additional building bonuses: Library: +50% Scholars Engineering School: +25% Scholars, 8 Architecture Research points Magic Library: +100% Scholars

Unique Units: Beastmaster (ground) 75/45/100 — Logical counter to other Magic Stables units 0.25 - Magic Stables Dreadnought (naval) 250/100/325 — Magic Shipyard

Dwarves are strong and stout, with long beards (even the females) and hearty appetites. They work deep underground with roaring furnaces and heavy hammers. They take great pride in their craftsmanship and love to show it off by going on the rampage with their axes held high and their beards swinging — the women would never allow themselves to be left at home. Fighting is in their blood.

Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Weaponsmith, Armourer Bonus: Engineers Penalty: Weavers, Woodsmen

Unique bonuses: -20% Ore used for Weapons and Armour +5% Food consumption. -15% combat casualties (strong dwarven Armour and constitutions)

Elementals *Stone (ground) 5/0/12 Earth (ground) 1/6/20 Water (naval) 4/4/10

Race buildings: Forge Requires: Blacksmith Allows: Axemen Allows: Weaponsmiths +10% Military Training +10% Weaponsmiths +10% Armourers

Subterrainian Cathedral Requires: Forge, Temple +11% Military Training +20% Miners +15% Quarrymen +10% Weaponsmiths +10% Armourers +8.5% Morale

Additional building bonuses: Pub: +1% Morale

Unique units: Axemen (ground) 6/1/8 - Forge Hammerhands (ground) 100/35/220 — Magic Stables Submarine (naval) 100/0/150 — Magic Shipyard

Thick-skinned and strong, Orcs are ideally suited for army life, particularly when it involves slaughtering defenceless civilians and looting their homes. They have no time for aesthetics and the "finer" things in life, and have no qualms about eating food that would turn the stomach of the other races. They are natural berserkers and are able to focus the collective rage of their race into elementals of unmatched power. However, this power can be uncontrollable and they are not quite as adept at fighting a well armed and organized enemy, and when the tables are turned and they are the ones attacked, they can be vulnerable.

Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Weaponsmiths Bonus: Farmers, Miners, Quarrymen Penalty: Scholars, Entertainers

Unique bonuses: +10% Military Training +15% War land gains +10% Offence modifier -10% Defense modifier Morale bonus for Offensive non-bully victories. Morale penalty for offensive Defeats

Elementals: *Rage (ground) 25/0/3 - disappear after one battle *Fear (ground) 0/5/9

Race buildings War Camp: Requires Barracks +5% Military Training +5% Offence modifier

Black Stone Spire Requires Mage Tower, War Camp Military allowed: Warlock +11% Wizards +10% Weaponsmiths +10% Offence modifier +6% Morale

Additional buildings bonuses: Arena: +10% Offence modifier Training Grounds: +10% Offence modifier

Unique units: Warlock (ground) 8/0/10 — Increases Enemy Casualties when Attacking — Black Stone Spire Wyvern (flying) 100/10/120 — Magic Stables Blackwater (naval) 140/0/120 — Logical Counter Wave/Water Elemental x 1.15 — Magic Shipyard

Keldis are a mystery to other races, and what they look like is based purely on hearsay and rumour (tall, ashen and thin, so I've been told... never having seen one). They prefer to stay behind strong, tall walls and have a high regard for secrecy, avoiding friends as well as enemies. This has led to a lot of distrust between the Keldis and the other races. Because Keldis Merchants are so rare, they will always draw attention, also making it very hard for Keldis Thieves. They have a reputation as strong builders, but they are careful not to build anything that can be viewed above their mighty walls — until the Royal Palace is started.

Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Builders Bonus: Woodsmen, Weavers, Engineers Penalty: Merchants, Thieves, Weaponsmiths

Unique bonuses: No allies -10% gains from attacking +5% (land and naval) defence bonus -50% Wall costs +100% Morale bonuses from Walls -20% Land exploration costs

Elementals: *Wall (ground) 0/6/11 - Also counts as wall when calculating siege *Wave (naval) 0/6/10

Race buildings: Watch Tower Requires Blacksmith, Engineering School +5% Defence modifier

Grand Tower Requires Watch Tower, Power Grid +5% Defence modifier +5% naval Defence modifier +5% Morale

Additional buildings bonuses: Construction Yard : 10 Architecture Research points

Unique units: Unicorn (ground) 0/120/100 — Reduces Casualites 50% — Magic Stables Airship (flying) 65/25/80 — Magic Shipyard

The Mef are by far the most magical of all races. They stand seven feet tall, have waist length, white (no matter their age) beards, and wield very powerful magics. They are somewhat weak physically and poor in practical matters, but make up for it with their natural skill in all things esoteric. To succeed as a Mef, a high degree of training is necessary, but the results can be stunning.

Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Wizards Bonus: Runists, Elementalists, Shamen Penalty: Weaponsmiths, Armourers, Engineers

Unique bonuses: +5% Casualties +20% spell effectiveness +40% Mana production Spells Rune costs return to base cost in half the usual time

Elementals: *Sorcery (flying) 6/6/11 Earth (ground) 1/6/20 Fire (ground) 7/2/8 Water (naval) 4/4/10

Race buildings: Magic Reservatory: Requires Magic Library +10% Shamen +50% Runists +15% Wizards +100% Alchemists -200% Ore Decay -7.5% Mana Decay -40% Rune Decay

Additional buildings bonuses: None

Unique units: Drake (flying) 0/110/100 — Magic Stables Magic Warship (naval) 100/0/100 — Magic Shipyard

Halflings are small, tenacious and cunning. Natural talkers, they excel as merchants and thieves. They are also quite handy at making cloth. Despite common perception, they actually don't eat very much at all!

Worker bonuses: Bonus: Builders, Merchants, Thieves Penalty: WeaponSmiths

Unique bonuses: Base Stealth 30 Bonus Stealth 2 per turn -10% Food consumption. +10% combat casualties (generally less sturdy than other races)

Elementals Earth (ground) 1/6/20 Air (flying) 3/3/10

Unique Penalties: -5% spell effectiveness
War Land Gains -10%
Race buildings: Farmstead Requires: Thieves' Guild, Ditch, Pub, and Blacksmith Allows: Halfling Regular Allows: Weaponsmiths +10% Morale completion turn bonus +2% Morale per turn +5% Military Training +20% Farmers +20% Woodsmen +15% Weavers +15% Merchants

Long Hall Requires: Merchant's Guild and Armourers Guild +15% Morale completion turn bonus +5% Morale per turn +25% Weavers -25% Cloth Decay

Additional building bonuses: Construction Yard Architecture Research 10pts

Unique units: Halfling Irregular 0.9/1.1/0.6 — Starting Unit Halfling Regular 4/3/4 — Farmstead Halfing Veteran 5/5/15 — Longhall Halfling Elite 25/25/40 — Training Grounds Pegasus (flying) 45/50/100 — Magic Stables Galleon (naval) 150/50/50 — Magic Shipyard

Goblins are also small, tenacious and cunning. They are quite good alchemists, elementalists and thieves, and poor on merchants, weapons, armoury and also struggle with Seers activities. They will eat anything but do not need much food per person!

Worker bonuses:
Bonus: Alchemists, Elementalists, Thieves
Penalty: Merchants, Seers, Weaponsmiths, Armourers.

Unique bonuses: Base Stealth 30
Bonus Stealth 1 per turn
Food decay base is low - goblins will eat anything, even mouldy food.
Cloth decay is low - goblins clothmaking is not fine, it does not decay much.
Population dense base 1.6 ( like Keldis, they are happy to live in crowded towns)
-15% Food consumption.
+10% combat casualties (generally less sturdy than other races)

Elementals Earth (ground) 1/6/20 Spider (ground) 5/2/8

Unique Penalties: -10% Wall Morale bonus
War Land Gains -10%
Race buildings: Chasm
Requires: Thieve's Guild and Co-op Farm
+15% Morale completion turn bonus, +3% Morale per turn, +25% Elementalists, -25% Mana Decay, Racial unit - Lesser Arachnid Upgrade Spider Elemental to Lesser Arachnid

Additional building bonuses:
Elementalist Spire Bonus 3.5 morale

Unique units:
Lesser Arachnid (12/9/15) (Climbs Walls) — Chasm.
Greater Arachnid (25/11/50) — (Climbs Walls) Elementalist Spire
Cave Troll (300/105/660)(Regenerate 50%)— Magic Stables
Sea Serpent (naval) 120/70/60 — Magic Shipyard

Unique Abilities:
Arachnids can climb over Enemy walls (Spider Elementals cannot).
Cave Trolls can Regenerate, when killed, there is a chance their dismembered Body parts can reform into a whole unit.

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