Questions that do not relate to how to play the game.

Questions that do not relate to how to play the game.

Postby Thundergod » Sat Oct 13, 2007 8:54 am

This is a copy from the old forum that was lost in the big crash of 2007.
Links are currently broken but will be updated as soon as possible.

Here is a collection of questions that do not relate to how to play the game.

Game related FAQs can be found in the "Game Related" section.

If you still have a question, post it in the New Player Help forum, and someone will answer you.

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What is AoC?

AoC is a free online strategy game, in which you manage peasants, erect buildings, attack other empires, and basically do anything you can to build the final building, the Royal Palace.
Only one Royal Palace (RP) can be completed, because when somebody completes the RP, the game ends.

How long has AoC been around?

Since about late 2002.

What do you have to do to win?

The only way to win is to successfully build the Royal Palace before anyone else.

So what happens when the game ends?

Age of Chaos takes place in periods of time, called "Ages".
When the Royal Palace is built, the gods spontaneously decide to wipe everything out of existence, the game starts anew, and the race to build the Royal Palace starts again.

This is my first Age. What race should I play?

Take a look at the race descriptions and pick a race that you think will suit your type of play.
Human or Elf are the easiest two races to learn with.

What's the difference between races?

Each race has special bonuses and penalties that can be adapted to your style.
More information can be found in the "race descriptions" page.

Is there any way to get more turns?

Premium players get a bonus turn every 48 hours. This is one of the benefits of Premium and the only way to get more turns. From Age 14 all players get a bonus turn every 3 days if they vote daily for AOC on the game sites through the in-game link

What are the benefits of going Premium?

Aside from the main benefit of helping with the costs of the game (the server bill doesn't pay itself) you also get: a bonus turn every 48 hours, a nifty message archive where all of your old messages and spell/war/news reports are kept, access to special tournaments, and premium players slowly regain lost turns (currently 4 every 2 days). The premium players and donators pay for the bills incurred in running the game.

I messed up; can I set up another empire and start over?

No, you are only allowed one empire each Age, and it cannot be reset.
The best thing to do is carry on playing, learn from your mistakes, and put what you learn into practice next Age.

I’m stuck, is there anyone that will help me?

Either contact a "forum administrator", (they can put you in touch with a veteran player who is willing to sponsor new players) or post a message in the "Sponsor a Newb" thread.

I keep forgetting who has attacked me, who I have attacked, and the content of the messages. Does the game keep this information somewhere?

Premium Account players have a message archive that keeps track of who has attacked you, views, and news reports.

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