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Materials Guide

Land is where your people live and work. People don't like to be crowded, so if you have too many people for the amount of land you have, your people's morale will fall.

Food is used to feed your people and keep them alive. If your people run out of food they will starve. Food is also needed by your military. If they don't get fed they lose readiness and eventually abandon your army in droves.

Gold is a basic unit of currency. While you don't need to pay your people to work for you, your military does need to get paid. Various other projects will require gold to complete.

These are your handy, dandy, all purpose people. Peasants may be assigned to various professions to work for you. How well treated and happy they are is completely up to you. For the purposes of AoC Peasants are ageless, sexless and generally happy.

This is a general measure of how happy your people are. If it drops below about 25% you risk a revolt which will end your game. On the other hand, happy workers will work harder and produce more.

Cut from trees in the forest, wood is a strong lightweight building material, used in many buildings. Wood can be produced by woodsmen. Your woodsmen also act as foresters, sustaining your woodland by constantly replanting new trees. No matter how many trees they cut down, you will not run out.

A very heavy, very strong substance cut from the ground. Stones are used in larger and sturdier buildings. Stone can be gathered by quarrymen once you've built a quarry.

Cloth is an all purpose lightweight material, used for sails on ships, to decorate buildings and to make clothing. Cloth can be made by weavers once you've built a textile mill.

Ore is an unrefined form of metal, which is mined from the earth. It is used to make weapons and armour (and gold). Ore can be mined by miners once you've built a mine.

An unrefined form of magical energy used for various tasks, mainly building and feeding magical armies. Mana is produced by your land, gathered at mana batteries and is increased by the windmill. In an emergency you can employ shamen to transform food into mana.

A refined form of magical energy. Runes are used in all spells and to feed some magical units and make some buildings. Runes are made from a runist once you've built a runery.

Used by your troops to hurt others, weapons are the tools of a warlord. Weapons are usually used to train(hire or upgrade) troops with a high offensive capability. Weapons are made by weaponsmiths once you've built an armoury. Some races get weaponsmiths from other buildings.

Used by your troops to stay alive, armour is the tool of the defensive. Armour is most commonly used to train( or upgrade) units with a high defensive value. Armour is made by armourers once you've built a blacksmith.

Each View produced by your seers allows you to look at one acre of another empires land, so to "secretly spy" on them you need one view for each acre they currently possess. You will be able to see how their peasants are allocated, their current military, their current spells, their siege defenses OR their currently completed buildings and walls in each viewing attempt.

Networth is just a general measure of how strong your nation is. It's calculated by totalling up all your resources/military/people/research/completed buildings/land. Generally speaking higher networth means a stronger kingdom.

In some new version of the game, Horses will be introduced as a new resource used to make mounted military units, initially cavalry, and paladins. Some advanced units like dragons and wyverns might need to eat horses.

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