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Researching Knowledge
Research allows you to make your kingdom more efficient. As you build more buildings more research technologies become available. You employ scholars and their effort in researching is represented by research points. You select which technologies you want them to investigate in the research menu. As you progress through the levels of research it takes more and more research points to get the next bonus. This is where research can get confusing - as both the number of levels you can get in any subject, and the research done by your scholars are both referred to as "points" although they are seperate.

It is worth noting that the amount of research points required can quickly become huge, if you are making lots of points per turn and suddenly get a new avenue of research come online, you can swith to the new stream, an dyour empire stores the old incomlpeted points against the old topic. e.g. you are researching housing at its 20th level/bonus point and your scholars are producing 100 points per turn, and you complete the magic library and have 27 left over housing points. You want to switch to alchemy research to reduce your ore usage, the first point of alchemy research will only cost you 1 research point, so the other 99 will be rolled over so that you can complete several levels of Alchemy research in that single Turn....when you switch back to housing any remaining Alchmey points are stored, and you will start from the stored 27 housing points, attempting to reach the 21st level of Housing.

Finally, work out which research topics will benefit your realm most, and plan the relevant buildings into your build plan accordingly. There is info ingame in Help -> Main Help -> Research with specific details of the benefits provided by each research level.
Initially you will only have housing available, each point of housing means you can avoid your population becoming unhappy with the effects of overcrowding.

University - Housing 100 points, Inn - Housing 25 points

This research makes you builders more efficient.

Power Grid - Architecture 20 points, Sawmill - Architecture 20 points

This research gives a bonus to your troops in battle.

Library - War 25 points, Magic Library - War 50 points, Ranger Guild - War 50 points

This research reduces the wasted resources you have each turn through normal decay.

Warehouse - Preservation 50 points

This lowers the base rune cost of every spell.

Magic Library - Magic 150 points

This research reduces the amount of ore required for your alchemists to make gold.

Magic Library - Alchemy 75 points

This research gives you a basic bonus to morale.

Pool of Moonlight (Elf) - Merriment 30 points

A list of all research from buildings is now visible in the game under Help > Main Help > Research Stats

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