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The Rules
1. Multiple accounts
Each player may have only one account, which they intend to play for the sake of developing their own empire at the best of their ability, and with due respect to all other competitors.
2. Farming.
Activity that involves swapping land or resources via attacks that are pre-arranged is considered farming. Deliberately lowering defences to allow any other specific empire to take land or resources is not allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are leaving the game you should boost you shields to help your ally and not disband your military.
3. Milking.
Milking is where one empire is used to produce resources, materials or services to supply another empire or empires at a significant detriment to the donor empire's potential and typically includes excessive, one-way use of view reports but can include use of thieves, spells or military to acquire the items. Milking is not allowed.
4. Multiple attacks.
Military action is an integral part of the game, though excessive multiple attacks by a group of players against a single empire is not allowed. If found to be occurring, action will be taken to prevent further abuse and may include preventing offenders from attacking certain empire(s) for a set period (including up until the end of the age).
5. Clans/Teams/Groups/
There can be a maximum of 4 players in a team, who can share information to a reasonable extent. Groups that consist of more than 4 players, or that indulge in actions described in points 2,3 or 4 are considered to be in an illegal clan and in breach of the rules. Stealing from team members is not in the spirit of the game and will not be tolerated. You can only be a member of one team each age.
6. Sharing intel and NAPs (Non Aggression Pacts)
There is no restriction on sharing information about other empires, see above point 5 for rules about NAPs in Teams.
7. Abusing the facilities of the game
Such as sending abusive, racist, sexist or other unpleasant messages in the game, the forum or by private messages will not tolerated under any circumstances and will be treated as a major offence to the game.
8. Spoilers
Any Empires Suspected of playing "all military" - an empire that goes military to destroy others and ignores their own promise to do their best to win the game, may be deleted from the game without warning or explanation.
9. Actions for breach of the rules:
  1. 1st Offence / Minor Offence - will be subject to a warning.
  2. 2nd Offence / Serious Offence - you will be docked 100 turns or more as deemed appropriate by the game administrators; other relevant sanctions may also be made against your empire.
  3. 3rd Offence / Major Offence - you will be banned from game, for the rest of that Age, or for longer or forever as deemed appropriate by The Game Admin.
In addition, if you are found breaking the rules or knowingly exploiting any bugs, the Admins can choose to penalise or delete your empire and compensate victim empires as they see fit. Think of this as an Act of the Gods. Due to historic cheating issues the game admins now take a tough stance on cheating, if they suspect anyone is working outside of their team with anyone else, or breaking any of these rules then they will delete the empire. Note, "suspected" cheats will be removed without appeal, the Admins decision is final, harassing them may lead to IP bannings. The overriding factor in moderating the game will be maintaining that the rules will be adhered to not just in letter but in spirit also, and that the game remains enjoyable, challenging and playable.
10. Accessing the Game
Certain IP Addresses are blocked from accessing the game. These include addresses at which prolific cheating has originated, as well as addresses that are known to be used by hackers as detailed by a number of authorities.
11. Inactive Empires
We delete empires that have been inactive for 2 weeks or longer.
12. Changes to the Rules
The rules may be amended from time to time. Any amendments will be made available to all players.