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Age 85 :: Unfettered, Arise!
Age 85 :: Unfettered, Arise!

Turns Start Monday 1st October, 2018. 1:00 hrs (Europe - London)

Changes: All Races in play

Previous Changes::

New Mercenary Building(s) and Units.

Chance of Military Unit Upgrade Automatically from battle.
Gildor :: Age of Chaos
Age of Chaos has introduced a new beginner level game for new or inexperienced players to practise in.
Running at turns every 15 mins (4x faster than normal age) with double building productivity, this "never-ending" game gives new players a chance to practise and enjoy the game without competing against violent veterans; a chance to get to the higher buildings and take more land.
To play, select "Gildor" from the Age dropdown list in the login box above. It is free to play. You can use you existing AoC account. Non-premium players may still play in Gildor and normal Ages.
What is Age of Chaos?
A dynamic text based strategy game... A Multiplayer Online Turn Based Strategy Game (MOTBSG).

What sets AoC apart from other such games?

Unlike most similar games, Age of Chaos has a defined goal. It's not the player with the highest score, most land or biggest army that wins; the winner is the first player to finish building the Royal Palace.

How long does a game last?

Each game/age lasts around 8 weeks, and a new game will open on the first of each month, with major environment changes being applied at most on every second month.

How much time does it take to play?

Under current settings it can take as little as one or two hours every third day. Spending more time can be beneficial, but is not necessary. With practise a veteran can play 20 mins every three days and still start the palace!

How do you interact within AoC?

You can play alone, in a pair or in a team of up to 4 players, sharing your military with your ally and information and strategies with your team-mates

What is ROC?

Rebirth of Chaos is the all new Version 2 of the AoC Game Engine. See the forum for more details as we are running regular beta tests and new tournaments to test out the new code. Eventually Age of Chaos will switch to the new code base, which promises to allow us to build more enhanced features into the game, such as military experience/progression, more in-game events, research paths, unit upgrades etc etc.

How can I find out more?

AoC has a very friendly and active forum community.

Visit the FAQ Section or the I Have a Questionsection to get you started in the community forum. There is a player contributed Wiki and we are revising the in depth Guide.

Fast 20 :: Now Open for signups
Age 79 :: Now Open
Age 79 :: A Blast from the Past

Turns Start weds 26th April, 2017. 1:00 hrs (Europe - London)

Changes: All Races in play

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